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Q: How do I become a Professional Member?


If you identify as having any form of disability, and are a working professional or creator in the music, recording or performance industry, you are welcome to apply for Professional Membership.

You must first register as a Community Member, fill out all required items in your profile that will be presented to the public. Once those items are in place, click “Go Pro”in your Member Dashboard, then select "apply". All Professional Membership requests are peer reviewed on a rolling basis.

Once accepted, you’ll receive a welcome email and can proceed to Billing in your Member Dashboard to activate your Professional Membership.

Your profile will then go live and the notice in your profile (“This profile is not live”) will disappear and your profile will now appear in our search page and on the home page as a recently added member.

If you have any difficulty navigating this process, please contact us and someone can help you.