About Rev. Chris Wylie (DJ Pastor Rock)

Rev. Chris (DJ Pastor Rock, He/They) is an award-winning musician, songwriter, and vocalist from Buffalo, NY who crafts justice-centered hip-hop and rock with punk rock attitude and accessible pop hooks.

Chris's music reflects his eclectic style and influences ranging from Public Enemy to Kelly Clarkson as well as his life as a justice seeker and queer disabled musician.

Chris debut album, Rolling Nation, released in 2022, received critical acclaim and led to the formation of the non-profit, Rolling Nation Network which uses Chris's music to help fund wheelchair vans for people in need; something which continues now including his recording band, moshcats!.

Beyond his own music, Chris is a regular contributor to New York State Poor People’s Campaign, Kairos Center NYC, and Freedom Church of the Poor where his work is frequently featured both in live spaces and in social media campaigns.

They are also a voting member of the Recording Academy and a professional member of Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities (RAMPD) serving both as Treasurer of the Executive Committee and as Co-Chair of the Partnerships Committee.

DJ Pastor Rock’s live shows feature Chris in his signature clergy robe and rainbow stole as he spreads his message of love, inclusion, and hope for all people moving from the margins in.

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