About Medusa

To make music like Medusa’s, you need three things: thick beats, visceral melodies, and an axe to grind. A storyteller at heart, the “revenge-pop” artist aims to transform tales of queer joy and pain into gratifying music “by any means necessary.” And they make good on the promise; their signature production style — described by Soundriv as “a breakthrough collection of LGBTQ hymns,” and by Bucketlist as “the most inventive [expletive] music we’ve heard in a long time” — features samples like wolf howls and cheerleading chants as often as distorted basslines. By stacking intricate layers of sound design over aggressive beats, Medusa builds formidable symphonies that feel larger than life. The result is a blend of synth pop, hip-hop, EDM, and post-hardcore with a cinematic edge.

Medusa's first album, Residuals, amassed over 5 million streams. Its most popular track, “Danny Phantom," was lauded for its gritty and unglamorous depiction of anorexia. Their sophomore album, Rosie, took aim at those who betray the innocent and coincided with the peak of the feminist Me Too movement, which amplified the voices of those affected by sexual violence. In the underground hip-hop scene of Buffalo, NY, survivors flocked to Medusa’s performances. As Medusa's grew, so did their self knowledge; in 2020, they released their “coming-of-gender" LP – just as the United States went into COVID-19 lockdown. Boy of The Year spoke to young closeted queer people beginning to grapple with their identities in quarantine.

Playing stages like NYC Pride and SXSW, Medusa continues to center advocacy in their career. As a member of RAMPD, they use their platform to celebrate neurodiversity. In 2023, Keychange selected Medusa to be a member of their inaugural US cohort. With two Wavy Awards under their belt and a legion of dedicated followers dubbed “The Gorgang” by their side, Medusa looks forward to soundtracking the process of self-actualization and empowering

Recognition and Awards

| S. O. B. Story
Winner: Best EP
| Allegory of The G/Rave
Grantee: The Agenda Grant
| Online Content
Winner: Tiktoker of The Year

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