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  • How do I become a Member of RAMPD?

    Anyone is free to become a Community Member, and we highly encourage disabled music professionals, or those who aspire to be a professional in the field of music, recording or performance, to join ... | READ MORE

  • How do I become a Professional Member?

    If you identify as having any form of disability, and are a working professional or creator in the music, recording or performance industry, you are welcome to apply for Professional Membership. Y... | READ MORE

  • What is the sign up process?

    Before you begin, make sure to add to your contact list or check your spam folder for system responses. Adding our email address to your contact list will help future sy... | READ MORE

  • How do I register for an account?

    Step 1: Make sure any ad or cookie blocking software is turned off while visiting Step 2: Visit the registration page and scroll to the bottom. Once this form is submitted, check your em... | READ MORE