RAMPD Wins $10K in Pitch Competition

Lachi ADMIN | in News | April 12th, 2024

RAMPD Wins $10K in Pitch Competition

We Won! 🎉Congrats to CEO @LachiMusic for winning RAMPD $10K in @2gether_international's Pitch Competition sponsored by NDI.

2Gether International offers expert growth and development programs for entrepreneurs with disabilities. This season's competition was held among the top accelerator alumni!

Let's keep showing the music industry that disability is a competitive asset, full of rich untold stories, perspectives and lived experiences! Thank you to the 2GI judges, to NDI, and cheers to continuing our fast-growing mission! 🎉

[ Image Description: Text 2024, $10,000 Pitch Competition Winner under an image of Lachi with pink makeup, a pink shirt and cornrows]