Meet Yoo Jin Noh, Highlighted RAMPD Member of the Month

Salvador Lopez | in News | December 28th, 2023

Meet Yoo Jin Noh, Highlighted RAMPD Member of the Month
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Get to know Yoo Jin Noh (Pianist) and this month's highlighted PRO RAMPD member

Yoo Jin Noh | She/Her | Pianist 

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Who is Yoo Jin Noh?

Yoo Jin Noh debuted as a soloist with Cape Ann Symphony Orchestra in May 2017. Her other recent performances include a solo at Alfaisal University, Saudi Arabia (August 2022), Segarstrom Hall (February 2019), an ensemble with Quincy Symphony Orchestra (October 2015), and Boston Halfener Symphony Orchestra (March 2015).

Yoo Jin became blind at birth and pursued her interest in music from childhood. Despite her late start at the age of 14, she received a series of awards from local competitions including top prizes in the Southwestern Music Festival and Musical Arts Club Competition (2002-2004). In 2005, she received a grand prize at the U.S. String and Piano Concours of Hymn and played at Carnegie Weill recital hall in New York. In 2008, she was awarded VSA Young Soloist Award and was invited to play at the National Federation of the Blind Convention.

Yoo Jin received a doctorate degree in piano performance from Michigan State University (2021), and a master of music from New England Conservatory of Music (2013). Her primary teachers include Deborah Moriarty, Wha-kyung Byun, Gabriel Chodos, and Hae-sun Pek.

By partnering with Michigan State University Tower Guard members, Yoo Jin created the first prototype of 3D tactile music for the blind and visually impaired. The project was selected as a top prize for MSU College of Music Running Start Competition 2021. The team is further developing the prototype to allow both blind and sighted people to use the tool in an educational setting.

Yoo Jin always had a passion for reaching out to communities through
music. She had numerous performances in local senior centers, churches, and retirement homes.

Since 2005, she annually participated in fundraising concerts for the disabled at Orange
County Braille Institute and Hope-Sight Mission of Los Angeles. In June 2014, she
performed with El Camino College Orchestra for a benefit concert for the homeless mission. Her other community projects include performances at Park S.


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