Kilo House - March's PRO Member Highlight!

Sal Lorenzo | in News | March 15th, 2024

Kilo House - March's PRO Member Highlight!
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Kilo House

Join us in celebrating the March's highlight of the month - Kilo House!



Recording artist, Producer, DJ 


Kilo House (a/k/a HAłłØWMANE) is a Los Angeles-based electronic recording artist/DJ, multi-genre producer, and independent record label owner. The Oklahoma native started his musical journey in high school. Despite his life challenges, a teenage Kilo taught himself to play the drums. After years of hard work he would eventually become the drummer in a hardcore band. In 2014 Kilo moved to the West Coast to attend and ultimately graduate with a degree in Music Production from the prestigious ICON Collective School of Music.


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