RAMPD receives EDDIE Award by Synergies Work for "Creativity" startup

Lachi ADMIN | in Press and Awards | April 27th, 2023

RAMPD receives EDDIE Award by Synergies Work for
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Lachi

Lachi receives EDDIE Award for founding RAMPD

We are honored to receive an EDDIE Award by synergieswork for RAMPD!

RAMPD is a global network of Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities, bringing voice to Disability Culture, inclusion and accessibility in the music industry--bringing competitive disability-identifying talent to the industry, while fostering visibility, paid opportunity and community to our members. It is an honor, a privilege and a dream come true!

Recognizing success in popular culture is not built for folks with disabilities, especially those lying in the intersection, we at RAMPD are building the world we wish to see, right on the front lines through partnerships, programs, networking events and workshops--with the aim to position competitive music talent and industry workers where they deserve to be--right there at the top alongside their non-disabled colleagues.

Thank you Synergies Work for recognizing the importance of our work, and congratulations to all other award winners!